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A Nurses Perspective

Dear Dr. Vanderslice

I am writing this letter for two reasons: first to thank you for restoring my health and secondly to endorse your chiropractic services. Please share this letter with others, as you deem appropriate. As you will recall (how could you forget), I came to see you on January 19, 2001. I was not unfamiliar with chiropractic services, having received chiropractic care on a limited basis the year before. However, I was pleasantly surprised at the thoroughness with which you approached my complaints of low and mid back pain and neck pain. I attributed this pain, in part, to my “bionic” hip and to a fall in November. I was impressed; both as a consumer and as a nurse with the thorough history you obtained from me prior to the exam as well as the exam itself. During the course of the exam, you found my blood pressure substantially elevated (180/90). You quite appropriately referred me to my personal physician who encouraged me to follow the treatment plan you had established for me to monitor my blood pressure (which you did at each visit).

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