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Children’s Chiropractic Care

In the fall of 1997, I enrolled my 18-month old daughter, Eden, in a Mother’s Morning Out program. In spite of only going 2 mornings a week from September through May, she missed fully half of the program that year. The second year was not much better.

During that time, I heard about a friend in another state whose 2-year old twin daughters had been hospitalized repeatedly with asthma and respiratory infections, sometimes requiring time in a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. One day in 1988, their Mom took them to a health fair. A Chiropractor stopped Gayle and said she could tell the twins had been ill a lot lately and correctly identified which twin had experienced the most difficulties. She suggested an adjustment for just that twin. When Gayle agree, the Chiropractor did a gentle adjustment and told her that the child would either not sleep at all that night or would sleep more soundly then ever before. Within a short time, the child’s nose began running copiously with drainage that appeared to be infected. This continued for several hours until sometime before bed. That night, the child slept through the night for the first time in her life…and Gayle took the other twin to be adjusted the next day.

I was interested in the story, but it came from a rather melodramatic Grandmother who tends to tell stories with great passion and embellishment. She’d make a great fisherman. So I set it aside and did nothing with the information.

However, as Eden’s second year in the Mother’s Morning Out program was coming to a close, I met another child’s Mom who reported a similar experience. She was extremely pleased with the progress her daughter had made and with Dr. Kent Vanderslice, her Chiropractor.

Hearing such similar stories from people who did not know each other made me take a second look at Chiropractic. I had utilized a Chiropractor years earlier to help me heal a back injury. I was comfortable with Chiropractic in that arena, but completely skeptical in terms of its use as preventative medicine. Being a second generation Registered Nurse, I was heavily steeped in traditional medicine.

Seeing my daughter so miserable, though, I decided I had nothing to lose but money. I began taking her to see Dr. Vanderslice just after her 3 rd birthday. I spent a year certain that I was wasting my money, but I had mentally committed to giving Chiropractic a full year to prove its benefits.

I took Eden to our Pediatrician for her 4-year check up in the spring of 2000. We both commented that it had been “awhile” since I had to bring her to see him. What neither of us realized until he looked back in her chart was that it had been a whole year since we’d been in the office.

She had not a single “sick” visit since we started seeing Dr. Vanderslice. It was not that she’d never been sick. Instead, as soon as she started running a temperature, I’d take Eden in for an adjustment and I rarely had to give her Tylenol or Motrin again.

That was the beginning of the change for me. I must admit that change was grudgingly though…until I got a massive head and chest cold. My eyes were tearing and running so badly that they were quite swollen from being wiped constantly. I had difficulty seeing to drive, but I went to see Dr. Vanderslice. Within 15 minutes after the adjustment, my eyes had quit running. I had an occasional tear over the next day or two, but the worst was over.

I still can not profess to understand Chiropractic, but I’m now much more open to using it as a primary treatment modality. Eden and I continue to see Dr. Vanderslice for regular adjustments as well as when we are sick. I continue to be pleased with the results.

Lori Reaves, RN, BSN

Eden Reaves, 6 years old

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