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Decrease Headache Frequency and Intensity

Dear Dr. Vanderslice,

My wife, Janee, obtained treatment from Dr. V. after a traffic accident in October soon after she kept telling me how much he was helping her, so on one occasion when she was being treated he also gave me an adjustment and agreed that I would make an appointment to do a complete analysis. Dr. V. discovered through the first examination and interview that I had numerous problems that were contributing to my headaches, lower back pain, and running problems. He said my hips were out of alignment and if I would let him do several adjustments he could repair that problem and guarantee that I could run again. He also recommended a diet change that he felt would help my headaches so after approximately 2 ½ years of continual treatment from Dr. V I virtually have no headaches, my lower back still requires occasional attention, however it is not a continual pain as before and I am running again with no knee, foot, or hip pain like I had prior to under going Dr. V’s treatments. I am planning to continue my running regime and hopefully build up to another Marathon in the future. By the way I am a 57 year old man and feeling better then when I was 50.

Vince Hawks

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