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Faster delivery! Who wouldn’t want that?

Research on Spinal Adjustments for treatment of low back pain in Pregnancy, and facilitation of safer, easier births.

  • Increased release of Relaxin and Estrogen causes softening of ligaments and increased joint laxity.  The mother’s center of gravity shifts as her uterus and belly continue to grow.  The body’s response to these changes is commonly tender muscles and joint pain.
  • According to the following studies 50-76% of women reported having low back pain during at least one point of their pregnancy.
  • According to the following studies when chiropractic care was administered for low back pain during pregnancy 84-91% reported relief of back pain after treatment.
  • Another study found a reduction in labor time from 24-39% in those patients undergoing chiropractic care through their pregnancy compared to the average labor times.  (24% for first time moms, and 39% for moms giving birth for the second time or more.)


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