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Dear Dr. Vanderslice,

Last June I had my first child and a few years ago I was rear ended by a semi. The chiropractic care I’ve had in the past all took place before both of these events. It was amazing how quickly I healed, how flexible I was, and how great I felt when I was receiving chiropractic care those ten ears ago.

So after having our baby and beginning to really feel some terrible low back pain, I decided to try chiropractic once again. My husband us an elite cyclist. He began to have an interest in checking out chiropractic and I encouraged him because of my experience with it.

During our birth classes and following our daughters’ birth, we began to realize the huge benefits she could gain from this healing touch. We signed up our entire family and are now enjoying our bodies return to optimal health. Additionally, our daughter has not had a single ear infection and is very rarely found with respiratory issues. We Believe!

Claire Robertson

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